Maldives is famous for its all luxury over water villa and beaches. But what most people doesn’t know is that you can travel to Maldives on a cheap budget. In this article we will talk about how you can have a cheap adventure holiday in Maldives.

Cheap Flight for your adventure holiday

First. Flight tickets. If you plan your holiday in advance and book your flights to Maldives you will get it cheap. You should also know that during high season in Maldives (mostly between October – March) the prices of hotels would be double. So if you book your hotel in Maldives ahead, you will be entitled to 50% discount mostly. And if you book your stay for during low season you will be able to spend a week in a luxury property with your partner for less than 1000 USD. And that is cheap adventure holiday in Maldives

Cheap Adventure Holiday

If you are traveling with your family to Maldives always try to see which properties allow kids for free of charge. This will help you save few bucks. And you can have your cheap adventure holiday.

If you want your stay to be cheap then you should stay in a local island for your cheap adventure holiday. You should know that local islands are no less beautiful than the resorts. It will be more interesting and adventure holiday while traveling to one local island to other.

Luxury resort will have double prices. And you shouldn’t forget that in a local island you can experience the culture of the locals. You can also do water sports and other adventure excursions like watching dolphins or sharks, snorkeling with manta rays for a cheap price compared to resorts in your cheap adventure holiday.

In every local island, it is advisable to respect the dressing code of Maldivians. That’s why tourists should cover themselves up. But because Maldivians also respect other religions in every island there will be a beach especially private for tourists only. On these beach areas you can sunbathe with bikinis and enjoy in your cheap adventure holiday.

Cheap Transportation

For transport transport between islands we use the public ferry. It will cost less than 10 USD for you to travel to one island to other in a public ferry. Public ferry ride will be pleasant but usually it takes more time compared to a speedboat but it is cheap compared so. But this can be a chance for you to mesmerize the infamous blue clear sea of Maldives. It will be a cheap adventure holiday for you to experience.

Fun fact; the sea and beaches its almost the same in all the islands but the reef (marine beauty) might differ atoll to atoll.

Shopping & Food Cheap

For shopping and local food, it will also be cheap in local islands. Lunch or dinner might have a range from 10 – 15 USD including the taxes. Mostly coffee, water will usually be at no extra cost.

If you still want to experience a resort stay during your cheap adventure holiday, you can arrange this easily with the hotel that you are staying. You can enjoy all of the luxuries at a resort and make the most of the glamorous facilities. And at the end of the day, simply return home to your guesthouse accommodation.

Adventure Activities on Vacation

Water flying could be one of the things you could do in Maldives cheap and for the adventure experience for your soul. When you get high in the sky it will be a blast for you to enjoy. Also let’s not forget about fun tubing. It’s for sure an adventure you get to experience with your friends or partner.

 Oh and Parasailing. This is one of the cheap things you could do in Maldives and more adventure than zip lining. You could be looking over the island from up above and mesmerize how it looks over the enormous blue ocean.

You should know that Maldives is no longer an exclusive holiday destination only reserved for the rich and famous. It’s for people who are looking for adventure. It’s also for people who are looking for cheap holiday. Now, this is the best time for you to plan your own dream vacation to the beautiful Maldives that you can actually afford.