One essential aspect of opening yourself up to while travelling to another country is the culture of the place. Including the local foods.

The Maldives is described as a paradise on earth from tourists and travellers all around the globe. While admiring the beauty of the country one forget is to experience the unique meals that a local Maldivian experience in their daily lives.

Traditional Maldivian cuisine, also known as Dhivehi cuisine, is an exotic assemblage of rich flavours with strong influences from its neighbouring countries, such as India and Sri Lanka. The delicious food boasts a distinct tang made up of mild spiciness, delicate sweetness, and a touch of the ocean.

As the Maldives comprises more sea than land, it is only natural that fish (mainly tuna) have always been the most prominent element of Maldivian food.

1. Mashuni

‘Mas huni’ is the ‘Typical Maldivian Breakfast’ consisting of tuna, onion, chilli and coconut, chopped and mixed together to create a sublime and diverse haven of local flavours, to be enjoyed with ‘Roshi’, a flatbread made of wholemeal flour (unleavened flatbread like chapatti) and eaten with black tea. In other words, Mas Huni is a simple salad like a dish of tuna, coconut, and chilli. This dish is loved by all Maldivians and is quite popular between the tourists as well.

2. Garudhiya

Garudhiya (Maldivian fish soup) is a highly valued dish made with raw tuna and served almost every day for lunch or dinner. Garudhiya is liquid, colourless and has a fish taste to it. It can be enjoyed with plain rice, accompanied by some chillies, lemons, and onions.

3. Rihaakuru

Unlike Garudhiya ‘Rihaakuru’ is a sticky, brown paste which gives you a unique and salty taste. It can also be enjoyed with plain rice, accompanied by some chillies, lemons, and onions. To add more flavour, you can add some fried Moringa leaves.

4. Hedhika

‘Hedhika’, the Maldivian version for snacks. An evening tea would be incomplete for a Maldivian without these small marvels. These snacks mostly feature fried dough with tuna and other ingredients stuffed in them.

5. Kulhimas

Fish is the star ingredient in the Maldives, with tuna being the king. ‘Kulhi’ in the Dhivehi language, means ‘hot or spicy’ and ‘mas’ means fish, and this spicy fish dish of chilli tuna is loved by all Maldivians. This dish is consisting of chilli paste, fish with onion. It’s a thick kind of a mixture. Simply delicious, this dish can be eaten for breakfast with roti or chapati, or dinner with roti or rice.

These are the five dishes we have taken for you to experience while you are here in the Maldives. You can have fun trying out these which are guaranteed to tingle your taste buds with tastes that are uniquely Maldivian.

You are experiencing something different. It’s about infringing a dash of Maldivian culture into your soul so that it may not be forgotten when the journey is over.