If you think all Maldivian Islands are full of beach huts, and luxury water bungalows then you should at least stay one or two nights in the capital island of Maldives. Locals call this place the concrete jungle. And they might not be wrong.

Male’ is a small island, only 5km, surrounded by tall buildings and small narrow roads. There are dozens of restaurants and shops for you to explore. If you want to experience the real Maldivian culture, you can do it by staying just a couple of days in Male’

If you are staying in the resort, you can only explore the tiny island that you are in. But if you stay in Male’ there are numerous activities for you to do.

Visit Hulhumale’

A bridge now connects Hulhumale’. Compared to the crowded Male’, Hulhumale’ will be looking like something else. You will be surprised to see what a difference two parts of the same city could make. The locals like to call this place “Second Singapore”.

Visit Villingili

Unlike Hulhumale’ to reach Villingili, you will need to take a ferry. There are scheduled ferry transportations every 10 minutes to Villingili. It will take around 6 minutes to reach the island by ferry from Male’. Motorized vehicles are prohibited in this greenery paradise.

National Museum of Maldives

If you want to learn about Maldivian history, you cannot miss this place. It’s a two-story museum that has over a hundred artefacts from different periods in Maldives history. You can explore the museum in less than an hour.

Old Friday Mosque (Hukuru Miskiy)

The oldest Mosque in the Maldives ageing over 400 years old. The Mosque is small and designed with some amazing architectural details.

Grand Friday Mosque (Islaamee Marukaz)

Grand Friday Mosque is the largest Mosque in the Maldives. This Mosque can hold up to 5,000 people and one of the beautiful buildings in the capital city.

Fish Market and Local Market

Don’t conclude your trip without a visit to these two markets if you want to see how locals live. In the fish market, you could see fisherman cutting the fishes and selling. The local market is full of locally grown vegetables and fruits. 

Sultan Park

One of the lovely sprawling garden full of trees, fountains, and flowers. Locals come here with kids for them to play around. Inside the sultan park, there is an ice park too where you can do some ice skating and play with the man-made snow.

All in all, Male’ is worth a short visit if you have the time to spare either before or after visiting the luxurious Maldives resorts. The people are friendly and kind. And the amazing part is the whole city can be explored on foot.