What comes to your mind when you hear Maldives? Do you think it’s only for honeymooners? If you are curious just keep reading and we will tell you why Maldives is the best destination for your vacation.

First, before visiting you should know that Maldives is a small country consisting of different tiny little islands. The main method of transportation is speedboat but we have got few domestic airports and also seaplanes.

Maldives is not just for honeymooners or only for couples who are looking for a getaway. Believe it or not but Maldives is for everyone. There are endless of things you could do regardless of age and interests and, most importantly, you will never get bored here! And this is the main reason why you should pack your bags, book your ticket, accommodation and visit this island paradise.

The main reason to visit Maldives will be the beaches. And the beaches that I’m talking about is not like any other kind of beaches you could find in this world. It’s not like the beaches you would find in Bali, Phuket, or in Philippines. I’m talking about the pure white (more like snow) kind of beaches. No litters could be seen. It will be so blue, so clean and so clear

The next main reason to visit Maldives is the marine life. Diving and Snorkeling. The underwater marine life including the manta rays, sea turtles and fishes swimming through the vibrant coral.

Amazing thing is if you have a life jacket and snorkeling gear with you (mostly you will get it free from any property) you can go snorkeling. The current and tide is always very calm so it’s safe.

Everyone should know that Maldives is not only for rich people. You can visit Maldives on a budget too. You don’t have to book a resort for 1000 USD to experience all of this. As the beach and sea all over the Maldives is the same. And there are so many choices of accommodation starting from 50USD per night from a local island hotel.

If you plan to stay in a local island, you can still enjoy all the facilities you could be getting from a resort. You can even enjoy the local life of Maldivians. Yes, you may get a room cheaper for around 20 USD at a hotel in Bali. But can that be compared to the beauty of Maldives? I guess not.

Maldives is truly the heaven. It is the “Sunny Side of life”, as we like to call our country.