Are you thinking of tying the knot in the tropical paradise that is the Maldives? If so, read on for everything you need to know to plan your dream day.

Maldives have always been known as the lover’s paradise. And if it’s not the perfect destination to tie your knot for a lifetime of love we don’t know where else you could do it.

White sand beaches, crystal clear blue sea, and sky, will make wonders to have your beach wedding here in the Maldives. For sure it will make your big day unforgettable. Though it’s the perfect romantic place it might come as surprising to know that your wedding in Maldives between non-residentials would not be a legal ceremony. Even though your wedding will be a real ceremony you won’t be getting any legal documents and this is the main reason why many tourists gets married in their home country and have the ceremony only here in Maldives. You should know that no legal documentation is required to have a blessing ceremony in the Maldives.

To make it a hassle free experience for you there will be wedding planners in almost all the resorts in Maldives. Mostly the wedding packages are very affordable too which might cost around $500. The packages include the flowers, the makeup, the cake, the photography, and the venue. Some packages also give additional complimentary services like a couple massage or a romantic sunset dinner.

You can have a traditional wedding ceremony with the boduberu (drums). The couple would be wearing the traditional clothing (libaas for the lady and mundu for the gentleman) It will be topped off by a judge. Or if you want to opt for a western ceremony, it can also be easily arranged. You can rent a wedding dress from the shop or you can bring your attires.

After the ceremony you can have the most amazing photo shoot. It is also possible to have a Maldives wedding in a location other than on the beach. You can have it on a traditional dhoni or luxurious yacht in the sea.

After the wedding, you can enjoy your honeymoon without having to leave the resort and enjoy all that it has to offer. You can have your honeymoon in one of the resort’s amazing bungalows. And have private romantic dinners, couple’s spa treatments, and romantic walks along the pristine beach right from your villa door.

So a Maldives destination wedding may actually be more affordable than first imagined. Now start planning your fairytale wedding and book your tickets to visit the Maldives.